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Training Camps
Activity BMX Training Camp 2024 (Le Luc, France) € 300,- pcs
BMX Practice Gate   (pre-order)
BMX Practice Gate Basic Set (BPG) € 800,- pcs
TT3 Compatibility Modul (BPG-LORA) € 50,- pcs
Laser Sensor Unit (BPG-SUL) + reflector € 80,- pcs
External Display Unit (BPG-EDU) € 100,- pcs
4Gate Hub (BPG-4GH) € 180,- pcs
Training Timer 3.0
Training Timer 3.0 Basic Set (TT3) € 380,- pcs
Laser Sensor Unit 3.0 (SUL3) + reflector € 125,- pcs
Magnetic Sensor Unit 3.0 (SUM3) € 125,- pcs
External Display Unit 3.0 (EDU3) € 160,- pcs
Hard Case for Training Timer 3.0 Basic Set (HCTT3) € 25,- pcs
Training Timer 2.0
Training Timer 2.0 Basic Set (TT2) € 265,- Sold out
Laser Sensor Unit 2.0 (SUL2) + mirror € 70,- pcs
Magnetic Sensor Unit 2.0 (SUM2) € 70,- pcs
Rollers, sprint stands
WarmUp Roller 2.0 Carbon Edition (WUR2CE) € 90,- pcs
WarmUp Roller 2.0 (WUR2) € 60,- pcs
Training Sprint Stand (TSS) € 35,- pcs
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